Scrubs & Heels

``Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back``

As founders of Scrubs & Heels, we are constantly reminded by how much women bring value to the field of Gastroenterology and Medicine, but also by how much more we can achieve together !!

Women in the field of Gastroenterology and Medicine are valuable and amazing physicians with high medical knowledge and technical skills, working to advance science, educate and provide compassionate and comprehensive quality care to patients.


Medical training alone does not properly prepare women to achieve a rewarding and successful career in GI and Medicine, to develop a supportive professional network, and carve their own path and effectively integrate their career with everything else they want to achieve in life.

Gender disparity in medicine is real and women in medicine face many barriers -and less support- at many levels and stages of career- to achieve their goals.

And let’s not forget ! Female gastroenterologists often have ambitions and ideas beyond their medical training: as business entrepreneurs, leaders in their practice, public health advocates, financial investors, community game changers, and much much more !

When talking to female leaders in GI and Medicine, we often hear “I wish someone showed me how it gets done, opened that door for me, encouraged me to build on my idea, told me it is ok to do it differently… I wish I trusted my skills and myself more, and didn’t hesitate to ask for that leadership position … when I was a fellow or earlier in my career”.  And then, in a moment of collective solidarity, we hear: “we have come so far, we have learned a lot along the way, there is still work to be done and we need to change the narrative for the next generation of women in GI and Medicine “

At Scrubs & Heels,

We want to see women at all stages of their GI and Medicine career – from fellows to early career to seasoned gastroenterologists- achieve their professional goals, whether being leaders in their institutions or group practice or GI societies, heading editorial boards or building their own enterprise. More importantly, we want women in GI and Medicine to enjoy their career and find balance in their life !

Scrubs & Heels

Our Mission

The mission of Scrubs & Heels is to provide leadership skills and career advancement tools for women to achieve professional success in the field of Gastroenterology and beyond. We will provide women in GI and Medicine with the practical and networking resources they need to define and optimize their personal career path, whether it is in private or academic practice, industry or research, health policies organizations or private initiatives, and everywhere else in between.

Health care professionals who engage in Scrubs & Heels educational activities will:

  • Acquire leadership skills, such as effective communication, conflict resolution, strategic thinking, time management
  • Master entrepreneurial skills such as contract negotiation, professional branding, organization and team building and management, executive and financial fluency, etc.,
  • Integrate goals setting for professional development & success & help create opportunities for others
  • Expand professional networks with different stakeholders
  • Create professional collaborations in research, patient care, scholarly activities, health policy, and advocacy
  • Form effective relationships with mentors, sponsors, and allies for career advancement

Together, we can move the field of GI and Medicine to an environment where women are heard, encouraged, promoted and amplified, an environment where woman feel empowered to advocate for themselves, their goals and their vision, an environment where women are in charge of their own professional path.