After the success of our Scrubs & Heels Ambassadors Program of 2023-2024, we are excited to announce that application for the Scrubs & Heels Social Media and Summit Ambassadors Program for the year 2024-2025 is now open. If you are a GI fellow or a very early career women in GI interested in expanding your professional network, increasing your visibility and developing peer-mentorship skills, this exciting Program is for you !

You qualify for the Ambassador Program if you meet the following criteria:

  • A female gastroenterology fellow (MD, DO), OR
  • A very early-career female gastroenterologist (MD or DO less than 3 years since completing a GI fellowship)
  • Active on social media
  • US Resident


At Scrubs & Heels, we have developed an Ambassador Program that aligns with our vision of mentoring and sponsoring the next generation of women in GI. Selected ambassadors will promote Scrubs & Heels initiatives on social media and beyond, develop surveys to identify unmet needs of women in GI, and provide peer-mentorship and facilitate networking during the Leadership Summit 2025. In addition, the ambassadors will be provided mentorship in order to co-author an abstract and/or a manuscript based on Scrubs & Heels Leadership Summit and other activities

In addition, the selected ambassadors will:

  • Be awarded a registration and travel stipend up to $1,000 to attend the Scrubs & Heels Leadership Summit 2025 if they fulfill their outlined responsibilities.
  • Have the opportunity to develop and deliver a talk focused on trainees (residents and fellows) development at the Scrubs & Heels Leadership Summit 2025.
  • Propose and develop new Scrubs & Heels initiatives for trainees and early career women in GI.


The ultimate goal of our Ambassadors Program is to foster a life-long commitment to advance the career of women in GI through scholarly activities, peer-mentorship and effective networking.




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